Client Testimonials


Don't just take our word for it! Here's what our clients have to say: 

"As a small business, CJR has been irreplaceable in helping organize our monthly balance sheets and payroll.  They are prompt in replying to any questions we may have and delivering paperwork and forms. The CJR team is pleasant to work with and we look forward to working with them as we continue to grow."  ~ McMahon Mechanical

"We have used CJR bookkeeping for our business and personal for over 6 years. The staff are knowledgeable and friendly. We highly recommend their services. 5 stars." ~ Caleo Construction

"CJR Bookkeeping & Tax Services Ltd. provides a very professional and reliable service.  It's comforting knowing that this part of my business is in such good hands and I have complete trust in Connie and her team.  I would not hesitate to recommend CJR Bookkeeping to anyone." ~ Debbie Schindler

"We are extremely happy that we made the switch to CJR for our Business in Merritt. We wish we had them from the very start. CJR saves us time and money. The staff is organized, efficient and well informed and are always available to assist and provide guidance. CJR is exactly what we were looking for to manage bookkeeping, payroll administration and taxes for us. We have no hesitation in recommending CJR" ~ Tegh Holdings Ltd.

“The team at CJR truly sets the bar for professional and superior bookkeeping services in Merritt.  They combine exceptional service with expert advice to ensure their clients are maximizing on value.  They are thorough and accurate while delivering a level of personalized service that leaves you confident your tax needs are taken care of.  Whether you are an individual filing a tax return or assisting with a corporation tax they have the knowledge to help and will do so with a positive and proactive approach which saves on time, taxes, and paperwork.  This is why I recommend them to all of my clients, I am confident knowing they are getting the best possible experience and guidance when it comes to bookkeeping and taxes.”  ~ Tricia Graham

"I have used CJR for over ten years and have found them to be an excellent company to deal with. The CJR team have looked after all of my bookkeeping needs as well as tax returns for myself and many family members.


They are professional, discreet and have often gone beyond what could normally be expected to meet my needs.

In addition to bookkeeping, CJR has provided me with excellent advise on employee/personnel acts and regulations.


I would have no hesitation in recommending this company to any person or organization looking for bookkeeping or accounting services." ~ Dawn Armitage

"I originally found CJR Bookkeeping through a Google Search for my yearly taxes, but I ended up making the call to CJR on a very strong word of mouth recommendations from someone I work with, and I am very glad I did. 

Everyone is very friendly and helpful and that to me is the most important thing. I have asked many questions of their staff, and they have always been open and honest. If they do not know the answer to my question they find out and reply so I can better understand my tax situation. They have also helped me prepare for the following tax year, which I have had difficulties doing in the past. I am very excited that this year's taxes actually have me in the green, something that has not been the case for a number of years. CJR gives me peace of mind and they take time to explain everything to me and my wife.


In closing, I would highly recommend CJR Bookkeeping for the reasons indicated above. I will certainly be using CJR Bookkeeping in the future, and I feel comfortable enough to speak with them about my future needs."  ~ K. Dunlop

"CJR Bookkeeping offers personal service only a local business can provide. I needed a reliable and organized bookkeeper that would have my year-end materials complete and well-organized, which would save my accountant time and me, money. The working relationship with them has been excellent, they pick up all of my paid invoices and necessary paperwork right from my office! CJR Bookkeeping has helped me with many of my staffing and payroll questions. This helps my business run smoothly, which allows me to focus more time on the growth of my business rather than the administration of it." ~ Dr. Colin Gage

"We have dealt with CJR Bookkeeping for many years with our personal taxes and for two years now with our new business. The staff at CJR is personable, professional, reliable and well organized. They are readily available to answer our questions and support us with our various bookkeeping needs. CJR’s combination of expert advice and personalized service gives us full confidence that our personal and business needs are being well taken care of.  We highly recommend CJR whether you are filling an individual tax return or you are a business looking for bookkeeping services." –MTMM Performance (2020)

"CJR Bookkeeping has been one of our best discoveries ever! Our personal goal has always been to find a company that can deliver the best service in a timely manner, maximizing their knowledge is key for us as clients. The staff have taken the time to learn about our business and what we promote, and that just proves to us that they truly care about our efforts. They are always available to help with our tax needs, with friendly and prompt service. We recommend you take the time and visit CJR Bookkeeping to see if they are a fit for you and your family or business." ~ Katherine Hendrickson, CowGirlUp - HempWorx

"CJR was the #1 recommended tax service when we moved to Merritt from Germany in 2008, and we had our income tax done there for years. When I opened my own business in 2013, the choice was clear - I completely trust their expertise and experience. They provide clear and detailed instructions on how to prepare my paperwork and exceed my expectations with their fast service every single time." ~ Kerstin Auer Freelance & Consulting

"I discovered CJR Bookkeeping through a friend. I needed a reliable bookkeeper to ensure my investments were properly accounted for, to avoid possible penalties later. The company I used to work with had made errors that caused delays and cost me money. CJR Bookkeeping has proven to be competent and honest, without making any mistakes that cause delays. They provide advice on how I can make informed decisions based on ever-changing legislation, get the task done in a timely manner, and are able to answer any questions I have. No more disappointments!" ~ Robert Godard 

" I wanted my income tax filing handled by an informed & knowledgeable professional. My experience working with CJR Bookkeeping has been excellent. We have consistently received efficient, professional, and trustworthy service. At a time that I felt especially overwhelmed by financial decisions, they made time to meet with me and answer all of my questions; their patient explanations and direction brought clarity and significantly decreased my anxiety. The relationship with them has been respectful, kind, and sincere." ~ Andrea Janzen

"I have been using CJR Bookkeeping for over 15 years. They are honest, reliable, dedicated, confidential, and personable. I have recommended them to others many times! Their staff has even contacted me to make sure that there was no information missing, or to get additional information to obtain the best refund for me. The relationship with them has been positive, and they have been available to answer questions and took the time to sit down and discuss my questions." ~ Shelley LeBlanc


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